How do you want your customers to respond to you?

Here’s the thing, I don’t really think selling is dumb; after all, we live in a capitalist economy where we will always be exchanging money for goods or services, so there will always be a need for people who can help facilitate those exchanges.

What I do think is dumb however—and what I am on a mission to change—is the approach that many salespeople and many companies take with their sales process.

The customer of today does not want to be “sold.” Traditional “sales tactics” create conflict because there has to be a winner (the salesperson) and a loser (the customer). All too often, a sale is made through deception or manipulation. It is this “us versus them” attitude that has to change.

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Selling is Dumb Manifesto

I realized long ago that if you treat clients and customers with respect and integrity, truly listen to what they want, approach them with a sense of true vulnerability, they will, more often than not, reward you with their loyalty and their business.

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